Whether you are looking for just a one rental, or a full multi-day, memorable winter getaway, we are here to help. Marvel at the magnificent wildlife and breathtaking scenery that makes Yellowstone truly a winter wonderland. Our selection of BAT 4 strokes for in the park and powerful trail and powder machines are perfect for all experience levels. Bring your own gear, or rent ours. Guided in or out of the park, free riding in the national Forests, or a private tour, we’ll help you See Yellowstone your way.

We have the best way to See Yellowstone for everyone. For an alternative mode of over-snow transportation that can accommodate guests of all ages, please see our Snowcoach information.


  • Helmets must be worn
  • Insurance available and recommended
  • Bring your Drivers license or snowmobile operators certificate
  • Drivers license required for driving in Yellowstone National Park (learners permits not allowed)
  • Full clothing packages available. Ski clothing not recommended for snowmobiles.


  • Ski Doo MXz Sport
  • Ski Doo Summit 600
  • Polaris RMK 600
  • Arctic Cat M-8000
  • Arctic Cat Bearcat
  • Arctic Cat M6000 SnoPro
  • Ski Doo Summit 800
  • Arctic Cat F570
  • Yamaha Viper MTN
  • Arctic Cat ZR 6000 LXR
  • Yamaha RS Venture TF – BAT

Tour directions and itinerary may be subject to change according to conditions and other factors.
*Return times are approximate.




Part of what makes a “Winter in Wonderland” experience so special is our unique mode of over snow transportation – the ‘Snowcoach’. We convert our summer touring vans into customized winter snowcoaches by replacing the wheels with tracks and skis. With their large clear viewing windows, spacious seating and headroom, our wide variety of snowcoaches are perfect for any group, small or large. Our local experienced interpretive guides enhance your experience with their knowledge of the Park.


Q: What should I wear?

A: We recommend you wear winter clothing including snowshoes or walking boots. You will have several opportunities to get out and walk around, however the Coaches are heated and so to remain comfortable you should wear layers.

Q: How long do the tours last?

A: All tours are full day, departing at 8:30am and returning to West Yellowstone around 4:30PM

Q: Do we need Park Passes?

A: Yes, everyone over the age of 15 needs a Park Pass and these are NOT INCLUDED in the price of the tour. Pass restrictions are different for commercial tours, for example a National Pass or Senior Pass will admit the holder plus 3 other adult s in the same party. A Golden Age pass will only admit the pass holder & spouse. We can issue you with daily, weekly & Snowcoach/Snowmobile combo passes at the Front Desk.

Q: Should we bring a lunch?

A: Yes. You will need to bring lunch if you are going to Canyon as there are no food facilities available there. While Old Faithful does have a limited service available, we would recommend you bring your own lunch.

Q: What ages are snowcoach tour suitable for?

A: Snowcoaches are perfect for all ages. We make many stops both in and out, but don’t worry, you don’t have to get out at every one if you don’t want to. But why would you not? Young children are required to use a car seat. Please bring your own as we cannot supply these.

Tour directions and itinerary may be subject to change according to conditions and other factors.
*Return times are approximate.
Children rate: 15 years and under.




“Three Rivers Ski Shuttle”, will drop you off and pick you up so you can ski along the Madison, Firehole and the Gibbon Rivers in Yellowstone from just $60 per person.

Now there is a less expensive way to ski and see the beauty of Yellowstone. This new concept allows for more skiing and less coach riding. By departing from West at 10AM and returning by 4PM, it maximizes solitude by propitiously placing you at areas and times when over snow traffic is at a minimum.

We pick up from THREE BEAR LODGE and FREEHEEL & WHEEL by 10:00AM in the morning.

In addition to the sights seen along the way in the shuttle, there are three ski drop and pickups.

  • Drop off the main road and ski down along the Madison River. Water fowl, eagles, elk and buffalo frequent this area. The shuttle will be waiting for you. (3kms)
  • Drop off at the vantage point overlooking Gibbon Falls. (Good photo op) Return traversing varying terrain, passing bison, the Gibbon River, hot springs and thermal pools near Madison.(up to 7kms)
  • Drop off is along the Firehole River before it leaves the main road and enters the Firehole Falls Scenic loop. Ski along the river where it drops deep into the canyon and eventually plummets over the awesome Firehole Falls. Pass along the river and towering cliffs to where your shuttle will be waiting for you. (3kms)

There are varying lengths of ski options, depending on ability and desire. The accomplished skier may chose to skate ski 23kms to Madison Junction or back to West Yellowstone in addition to the designated trails. The ski shuttle will provide additional pick-ups at various locations if you want to ride to the next stop. Heated rest rooms are at Madison Junction and a lunch break will be taken along the way. (Bring your own lunch or we can order one for $10) After skiing along the three rivers you may enjoy a leisurely 14 mile ride back to West Yellowstone.

In addition, to our ski shuttle, you also have the option of bringing your skis on a regular tour to Old Faithful. Ski along the Firehole River, past the geysers, on your way to Old Faithful. Let us know when you book that you would like to ski.



The Rendezvous Ski Trails are situated at the southwest corner of town. Over thirty-five kilometers of varied terrain from gently rolling hills to more challenging climbs, descents, and turns. The trail system is also incredibly user-friendly, with initial flat terrain great for beginners and a public building conveniently located at the trailhead area. A wide skate lane and classic tracks are groomed regularly from November to April. Trail passes are required when using the Rendezvous Ski Trails and range from $8-$10 per day. Season and family passes are also available at the trailhead, the USFS, the Chamber of Commerce, and several local merchants.

Check out the latest Grooming report.


Big Sky Ski area is located just 45 miles north of West Yellowstone and offers some of the best downhill skiing in North America.
Moonlight Basin ski resort boasts a wide variety of sublime ski and snowboard terrain – 1,900 acres of pristine groomers, tree glades, and challenging steeps. (And there’s even more: Moonlight Basin’s and Big Sky’s combined Biggest Skiing in America, racks up a total of 5,512 acres!) Here, skiers and snowboarders dive into Moonlight Basin’s huge terrain park, join intimate ski and snowboard lessons, and enjoy affordable lift tickets, rentals, and season passes. This mountain resort creates an enchanting winter vacation – even just for one day.

Daily shuttles run between West Yellowstone & Big Sky

Didn’t bring your cross country gear or just in town for the day and want to hit the trails? No problem, Freeheel & Wheel have a complete line of rental gear. All rental packages include skis, boots, and poles.

For more details, contact Freeheel & Wheel shop at 33 Yellowstone Avenue, West Yellowstone. Call them at 406.646.7744 or check out their website –


Cross Country Skiing

In addition to Snowcoach and Snowmobile guided tours into the park, there are dozens of groomed trails in & out of the park for cross country skiing. Leading the charge is the Rendezvous Ski Trail system that is a hallmark for skiers. Fit for beginners and used by serious competitors it offers everyone the chance to experience this awesome sport.



The Park has ensured that this sport has its place, offering free guided walks from the visitors center to the Madison River a mile or so away. With all of the summer trails waiting for you, there are plenty of hikes to go on.


Ice Fishing & Dog Sledding

Ice fishing and dog sled racing are two more popular winter activities in the immediate area. In late March, you can do Off-Ice fishing (fishing at the edge of the ice breakup) in Hebgen Lake and catch some beautiful Browns.



As an official National Park CUA photo permit holder, SeeYellowstone is able to offer you the best opportunities to capture all the natural beauty the Park has to offer. Our experienced guides know just where to stop to get the best shots. For the more serious photographers, private tours offer the best option to get that award winning shot. The advantage of a private tour is that you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and departure times.



We will pick you up for your tours from any lodging property in West Yellowstone.

We have a versatile range of vans and local knowledgeable guides to maximize your enjoyment of Yellowstone.

All our summer van tours include a picnic in the park and our winter snowcoaches turn your trip into something uniquely special. We offer daily Spring, Summer and Fall tours around the lower loop, morning & evening wildlife tours of Yellowstone’s upper Loop as well as tours through Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park.

During winter we take you to the winter wonderlands of Old Faithful and Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, or call today to plan a personalized private winter tour.


Horseback Rides


Visit mountain lakes and watch for wildlife that frequent the area. Each of our rides are accompanied by our personable, experienced wranglers. First time or a seasoned rider? You’ll fit right in. Horseback riding lessons are available, and for the younger cowboys & cowgirls (7 and under), we offer wrangler-led corral and pasture rides.


Horse rides are available Monday through Saturday. Our horses rest on Sunday.

GALLATIN FOOTHILLS…………………………………………..1-Hour Ride…….$55
Depart: 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, or 1:30 PM

MOUNTAIN LAKE………………………………………………….. 2-Hour Ride…….$85
Depart: 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM

MORNING UPPER LAKES………………………………………. 4-Hour Ride…….$105
Enjoy lunch back at the ranch with the Wranglers – Add $10
Departs: 8:00 AM

MID-DAY UPPER LAKES………………………………………. 4.5-Hour Ride…….$125
Includes lunch on the trail
Departs: 10:00 AM

MONTANA EVENING RIDE………………………………………1.5-Hour Ride…….$69
Departs: 7:00 PM

For those who want to enjoy a longer, more adventurous ride, please call for more information.

RESERVATIONS & INFORMATION- 800.753.5934 -or- 406.646.7217


Reviving Lost Senses of Life

That refers to life, all of the creatures and plants, that are living in such a vast area that is undeveloped, like this National Park.


Now, why do you think that people from towns and cities across America come to Yellowstone? There are crowds when you do things the normal mainstream way, at one of the Park’s four entrances — but crowds are avoided by those who use certified guides. The main reason, when you dig a little bit into the matter, that people come here is that some natural danger is somehow welcome to the human mind.

When people enter Yellowstone, they will begin to see very ‘picturesque‘ sights. As they venture farther into the wilderness, farther from their cars and the highway system that could lead them home, a more ‘sublime’ feeling will come on.

Sublime in this way means that something is so beautiful it shakes the soul, and scares the senses with its beauty — these sights often require risk over dangerous routes to reach. When we are starved for sublime experiences in life, generally, our overall experience may become too routine, like we are machines rather than human-animals.

People who come to Yellowstone and enter its sublime wilds, as well as countless beautiful settings closer to the edges of the Park, revive their senses and instincts and basic drives. Often the natural appetite is reset, as well as natural sleeping cycles, because this Park speaks to the part in anybody that values ‘creature comforts’, such as a warm meal and firelight before bed.


Although so many of us, especially the youngsters, are in fact well-adapted for contemporary life that is fast-paced, and multi-tasked, after a while almost everybody begins to notice that most of their reflexes have begun to react to the artificial worlds of developed areas. Visiting a National Park is one way people have found to reset their senses, realigning them to the world of Nature, in all its certainty and immediacy.

When this more natural, more instinctual, more present moment-oriented state is experienced again while doing something wild, or when sensing the sublime in the wilderness, it does not hamper people who must return to live in the cities. In fact, they find they can cope better and get more from that world after their rejuvenating visits to the great outdoors.